Organic Broad-Spectrum Oil

85-95% CBD, 2-3% MINOR CANNABINOIDS, 0.00% THC

If you’re formulating CBD products that need to be completely THC-free, our USDA-certified organic broad-spectrum distillate is an essential ingredient. Our broad-spectrum hemp oil is highly regarded for its quality, as it maintains a high percentage of CBD through the distillation process.

For those who want ingredients that will set their brand apart, we provide USDA-certified organic options from seed to sale, ensuring that every step of our process is safe and natural. This includes distillation, in which we refine crude hemp oil down to a clean, THC-Free, formulation-ready distillate that maintains some of the plant’s minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

Quality is vital, but if you want to differentiate yourself, you need to go the extra mile, which is why we strictly source all of our hemp from local, USDA-certified organic farms. Our broad-spectrum distillate is _%-_% CBD and contains the majority of the plant’s natural terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Plus, every order is backed by 3rd-party lab testing to ensure accuracy and safety.

How can we help you bloom?

Bloom Distro has decades of combined experience in the hemp industry. Our friendly team is here to do more than simply sell you a fantastic product.

From innovative formulations and product development to navigating regulations, Bloom Distro is here to help your business thrive.

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