Concentrated Cannabinoids

98-99+% CBD, 98-99+% CBG, 98-99+% CBN, 0.00% THC

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable way to formulate or you’re trying to expand beyond CBD, our concentrated cannabinoids are precisely what you’re looking for. These isolated cannabinoids are beloved by consumers as a stand-alone product, and the key to formulation made easy. In addition, we guarantee that each of our isolates is 98%+ pure and is backed by 3rd party lab testing from one of the world’s most accredited labs.

What You Need to Know:

CBD, CBG, and CBN isolate come as a flavorless, scentless, pure crystalline powder. Each cannabinoid is cleanly extracted in our FDA-approved, USDA-certified organic facilities. When it comes to hemp, this is as pure as it gets. Concentrated cannabinoids are the key to formulation made easy because of their ability to blend seamlessly with most carrier oils, making them ideal for most formulations.

CBD Isolate: CBD isolate is the most versatile CBD product available. This concentrated, pure version of CBD is perfect for formulating a variety of products, provides your customers with a THC-free option, and is a consumer favorite as a stand-alone product.

CBG Isolate: Also known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” CBG is the precursor for CBD and other cannabinoids. However, if isolated before converting to other cannabinoids, CBG offers potentially revolutionary benefits.

CBN Isolate: CBN is quickly gaining notoriety among consumers for its profound effects. From potential sleep aid to the natural support CBN may offer those struggling with pain, this cannabinoid boasts noticeable effects that are highly sought after.

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