CBD Gummies

750mg total CBD, 25mg CBD per serving, full-spectrum & THC-Free available

Taste the Difference With Gummies As Unique As Your Brand Is

Get market-ready or custom formulated gummies that will keep your customers coming back for more. We offer both vegan and sugar-based options so that you can cater to your customers’ needs. Both of our vegan and sugar-based options boast delicious flavor, consistent dosing, and everything consumers love about CBD. Our gummies are infused, not coated, ensuring an accurate dose and quality that gives you confidence in every bite.

Work with our team to customize your brand’s dream formula or utilize our market-ready mixed berry blend. Bite-sized and easy to chew, our gummies are 3g cubes that are available with 10mg or 25mg of CBD.

How can we help you bloom?

Bloom Distro has decades of combined experience in the hemp industry. Our friendly team is here to do more than simply sell you a fantastic product.

From innovative formulations and product development to navigating regulations, Bloom Distro is here to help your business thrive.

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